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Bubblebratz, too known as Maddie May! She’s a stylish celebrity who has done a few astounding things! Nowadays, we are going through her age, tallness, weight, connections, memoir on Wikipedia, and family. She is 24 years old; she was born on February 2 in Small Shake, USA. She stands 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs around 70 Kg.

Furthermore, She is continuously seen with her companions and cherishes playing with her family. Maddie May is exceptionally celebrated, and her history can be found on the Wikipedia website.

Bubblebratz Wiki

Real NameMaddie May
NicknameBubble Bratz
ProfessionSocial media celebrity
Age24 years as of 2024
HometownGeorgia, USA
Height5 Feet 4 inches

Bubblebratz Bio

Bubblebratz, moreover known as Maddie May, could be adored by only fans of the Grown-up Industry! She’s 24 years but has as of now accomplished so much. Maddie May may be a performer who spreads delight and bliss through her recordings and exhibitions. Her bio on Wikipedia is full of curious facts about her life and career.

Maddie May, moreover known as Bubblebratz, has captured the hearts of millions with her bubbly identity and mind-blowing abilities. Whether she’s moving, singing, or making grown-up video substance, she continuously brings a grin to everyone’s confronts. So, on the off chance that you’re trying to find something to see up to, Bubblebratz is the idealized choice!


Maddie May, also known as Bubblebratz, had a great early life full of enterprises and learning! From a young age, she developed an enthusiasm for music and moving. Maddie May’s guardians recognized her ability and selected her for move and music classes. She rapidly exceeded expectations in both ranges, awning everybody around her. Instruction has continuously been imperative to Maddie May and her family. She goes to a school where she learns various subjects, but her favorite is music.

She cherishes singing and performing for her classmates when her ability appears. Maddie May’s early life and instruction have formed her into the skilled whiz she is nowadays. Her Bubblebratz bio on Wikipedia gives more nitty gritty data about her journey to fame. Remain tuned for more interesting truths about Bubblebratz’s life and career!

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Bubblebratz’s Family

Bubblebratz is fortunate to have an adoring family who underpins her every step of the way! Her guardians, Mr. and Mrs. May, are her greatest cheerleaders and are continuously there to energize her dreams. They believe in her talent and work difficult to assist her succeed. Bubblebratz too has a more seasoned sister named Lily, her best companion and confidant.

They have a special bond and adore investing time together. In her Bubblebratz bio, you’ll learn more about her guardians and kin and how they have molded her into the superstar she is nowadays. It’s inspiring to see how close-knit their family is, and it’s clear that they play a basic part in Bubblebratz’s life and career.

Bubblebratz Romantic Life

In her Bubblebratz bio, there’s no specification of a spouse or boyfriend. Maddie May is still exceptionally youthful and centered on her career and instruction. She is devoted to making individuals upbeat through her recordings and exhibitions. Her essential center is spreading bliss and inspiration to her youthful fans worldwide.

Maddie May cherishes investing time with her family and companions, and she’s getting a charge out of being a kid and having fun. As she develops more seasoned, who knows what the long haul holds? But presently, Bubblebratz’s fair getting a charge out of being Bubblebratz and making the world a brighter put with her abilities. Keep taking after her travel to see what energizing things she has in store next!

Physical Appearance

Maddie May, moreover known as Bubblebratz, isn’t as it were a skilled performer, but she too encompasses a one-of-a-kind physical appearance! She was born on 2 February 1999 in Small Shake, Arkansas, USA. Moreover, she is a fair 24 years old and weighs around 70 Kg with a plump body. With her bubbly identity and irresistible grin, Maddie May captures the hearts of millions worldwide.

Additionally, Her physical appearance flawlessly matches her lively and dynamic persona. She is revered by children all over for her relatability and charm. In her Bubblebratz bio, you’ll learn more about how her physical appearance plays a part in her performances and how she grasps her uniqueness. Remain tuned for more energizing realities approximately Bubblebratz’s life and career!

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Bubblebratz Kids

Maddie May has no children as she is single and has no boyfriend. Bubblebratz adores being a mother and cares for her children with so much cherish and delight. She spends her free time playing and having fun with them like every other kid.

Furthermore, Her children bring so much joy to her, and she’s continuously energized to share stories and enterprises with them. Moreover, Seeing how Bubblebratz equalises being a whiz and an adoring mother is one of a kind. Check out her Bubblebratz bio for more points of interest on her adorable children!

Bubblebratz Before Fame

Sometime recently she got to be Bubblebratz, Maddie May was fair, a customary young lady with enormous dreams! She adored singing, moving, and making individuals snicker. Maddie May worked difficult and practiced each day to culminate her abilities. She performed in the ability to appear at school and continuously brought the house down with her outstanding performances.

Also, Her ability and assurance caught the consideration of numerous, and before long, she was permitted to share her abilities with the world. Too, Maddie Mae’s journey to popularity was troublesome, but she never gave up. She confronted challenges and setbacks, but they only made her more grounded. Her difficult work paid off, and presently she is known as Bubblebratz, a whiz adored by millions of kids worldwide!

Bubblebratz Career

Bubblebratz’s career has been nothing short of amazing! She has as of now accomplished so much within the excitement industry. Moreover, Bubblebratz has captured kids’ hearts around the world, from her viral recordings to her energetic exhibitions. She cherishes singing, moving, and making individuals snicker with her funny antics.

Additionally, Her ability and difficult work have paid off. She includes a TikToke handle named @maddiesplaywrld. Also, Bubblebratz’s career is a fair beginning, and we can’t hold up to see what she has in store. With her irresistible vitality and extraordinary ability, there’s no question that Bubblebratz is on her way to becoming a superstar.

Bubblebratz Net Worth

 Bubble Bratz has accomplished much in her career, counting making a part of cash. Moreover, Whereas the precise of her net worth isn’t uncovered, it’s safe to say that she has earned a critical sum through her exhibitions, support, and other ventures.

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Furthermore, With her monstrous ubiquity and faithful fanbase, it’s no surprise that Bubblebratz is fiscally fruitful. But keep in mind, cash isn’t as if it were a degree of victory. What genuinely matters is the bliss she brings to her fans and her positive impact on their lives.

Bubblebratz Upcoming Working Plans

Bubblbratz has huge plans for the long run! is always working on new ventures and coming up with energizing thoughts to engage her fans. From making catchy modern tunes to choreographing fun move schedules. Too, Bubblbratz is always investigating new avenues to showcase her gifts. She also dreams of featuring in her TV appearances and performing in sold-out concerts worldwide.

Also, Bubblebratz needs to proceed with spreading delight and happiness to children all over, and she can’t hold up to see where her career takes her. Moreover, stay tuned since Bubblebratz has unimaginable plans and ventures for all her fans. Long-term looks shining for Bubblebratz, and we can’t hold up to see what astonishing things she will accomplish next!

Bubblebratz Hobbies

Bubble Bratz has a parcel of fun leisure activities. Here are a few of her favorite things to do:

  1. Bubble Bratz cherishes to move and express herself through development. Moreover, Whether practicing her favorite move schedules or making modern ones, she can’t get sufficient dancing!
  2. Music could be a portion of Bubblebratz’s life, and she cherishes singing along to her favorite songs. She encompasses a voice and loves performing for her family and friends.
  3. Bubble Bratz and her friends have a blast playing games, having pretend tea parties, and having fun adventures together.
  4. Bubble Bratz is creative and loves doing arts and crafts. Also, She enjoys drawing, coloring, and making handmade gifts for her loved ones.
  5. Bubble Bratz loves reading books and getting lost in numerous worlds. 
  6. Bubble Bratz enjoys being active and playing outside. 
  7. Bubble bratz likes to assist within and learn new recipes. She enjoys baking cookies and cakes with her parents and sharing the delicious treats with everyone.
  8. Bubble Bratz incorporates fun costumes and loves dressing up as different characters.