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Drew and Jonathan Scott

In the new season of Celebrity IOU, Drew and Jonathan Scott are set to assist numerous celebrities in giving back.

“Each moment spent on these emotional makeovers is profoundly significant,” Jonathan, aged 45, expressed in a November HGTV press statement. “We are eager to support every star in their renovation and design challenges while ensuring a good time along the way. This is all a part of the path that leads to even more rewarding grand reveals for their special ones.”

Drew, who is also 45, shared his brother’s sentiments.

“The reveal of each project is like a journey of emotions,” he said. “There’s nothing more rewarding than presenting the keys back to someone who truly merits a transformative renovation.”

The fourth season of the HGTV series will debut on Monday, January 1, and is set to feature eight episodes. In each installment, the duo of home renovation experts teams up with a celebrity looking to express gratitude to a significant person in their life. The season’s guest lineup includes stars like Sterling K. Brown, Rosario Dawson, Zoe Saldana, Fran Drescher, and Ray Romano, among other renowned names.

The season opener features Ray Romano, aged 65, who enlists the expertise of the famed Property Brothers to design an exquisite suite for his long-time assistant of 23 years. Drew, Jonathan, and Romano collaborate to revitalize his friend’s home with a much-needed modern overhaul.

Drew and Jonathan first rose to fame on HGTV in 2011 with their popular show, The Property Brothers. In the series, they assisted couples in finding and renovating fixer-upper properties into their ideal homes.

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Though the real estate-centered show aired its 14th season in 2019, it was never formally discontinued by the network. Since then, the Scott brothers have expanded their portfolio with a variety of spinoff series and specials such as Brother vs. Brother, Property Brothers: At Home, A Very Brady Renovation, and Celebrity IOU, among others.

In an exclusive interview in December 2019, Jonathan shared insights into the remarkable success he and his brother achieved in their media ventures.

“One great aspect of our show is that we’re not acting as someone we’re not. So, when fans meet us in person, they often say, ‘Wow, you’re just like how you appear on TV.’ That’s because we are genuinely ourselves on the show,” he explained to Us. “I think there’s a misconception out there. People see us as just a couple of guys who are into design, construction, and real estate. What they often don’t grasp is the scale of our efforts in building our brand and our dedication to using our influence for good, working with various nonprofits and charities on causes we truly care about.”