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Hendrix Wilburn

Born on December 15, 2018, Hendrix Wilburn has gained recognition as a prominent American celebrity child. His father, the renowned American rapper Future, born Navyadius DeMun Wilburn, is a key figure in Hendrix’s life.

His mother, Joie Chavis, shares the parenting responsibilities with Future. The couple, however, is no longer together.

Future, known globally for his successful rap career, is among the top-earning artists in the genre. He has been influential in shaping the sound of trap music, notably incorporating auto-tune and melody into his unique style.

Hendrix Wilburn’s Biography

NameHendrix Wilburn
Date of BirthDecember 15, 2018
Place of BirthUSA
Age (as of 2023)4 Years
Father’s ProfessionAmerican Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer
Home Town/StateUSA
School StatusNot Publicly Disclosed
HobbiesNot Available
Marital StatusUnmarried
Significant OtherNot Applicable

Hendrix Wilburn: The Early Years

On December 15, 2018, Hendrix Wilburn was welcomed into the world in the United States. He is the son of Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, better known as Future, and Joie Chavis.

Belonging to African-American descent, Hendrix holds American nationality and falls under the Sagittarius star sign.

Given his young age, specific details about Hendrix’s educational background are not yet available. It is presumed that he is receiving home schooling during these early years of his life. As he is still a child, Hendrix has not embarked on any professional endeavors.

Hendrix Wilburn’s Father: The Renowned Musician Future

Hendrix Wilburn’s father is the acclaimed rapper and musician Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, popularly known as Future. Future’s career took off in 2010 with a series of impactful mixtapes including ‘True Story,’ ‘Dirty Sprite,’ and ‘1000.’

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He is not just a celebrated artist but also commands a significant income through his rap career. Future’s entry into the music scene was facilitated by his cousin Rico Wade, leading to his involvement with the Dungeon Family.

Beyond his professional achievements, Future’s personal life has also garnered public attention. Joie Chavis, Hendrix’s mother, is among the several relationships Future has had. His dating history includes names like Jessica Smith, India J, Londyn, Brittni Mealy, Cindy Parker, Larsa Pippen, Eliza Reign, Aaleeyah Petty, Blac Chyna, Ciara, Lori Harvey, and Dess Dior.

Hendrix Wilburn’s Mother: Joie Chavis, A Versatile Entrepreneur

Joie Chavis, the mother of Hendrix Wilburn, has established herself as a multifaceted individual with a diverse career. She is recognized as a YouTuber, fitness trainer, dancer, model, and entrepreneur. Although her relationship with the rapper Future brought her into the public eye, Joie has independently built a substantial career.

Her journey in the entertainment industry began as a backup dancer, working with notable artists like Janelle Monae, Tank, Eric Bellinger, and Future. Joie has since evolved into a prominent social media influencer.

Her YouTube channel ‘Joie In Life’ has attracted over 8.2k subscribers, featuring content focused on workouts, dietary tips, and fitness gear. On Instagram, where she goes by @joiechavis, she boasts an impressive following of over 2.2 million, showcasing her life, children, and various brand partnerships.

Joie is not just a social media personality but also a passionate advocate for health and fitness. She runs her own health and fitness brand, promoting a healthy lifestyle. Her online retail store extends her reach in the fitness world, offering a variety of products like fitness equipment, swimwear, and athletic wear.

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In addition to her fitness ventures, Joie has launched a clothing line named after her daughter, Shai Moss, further expanding her entrepreneurial footprint.

Hendrix Wilburn: Surrounded by a Big Blended Family

Hendrix Wilburn, far from being an only child, is part of a notably large blended family. He has eight half-siblings through his parents.

His siblings from his father’s side include Jakobi Wilburn, Reign Wilburn, Prince Wilburn, Londyn Wilburn, Future Zahir Wilburn, Paris Skye, Kash Wilburn, and Legendary Wilburn. Each of them shares the same father, Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, famously known as Future.

On his mother’s side, Hendrix has one half-sibling, Shai Moss.

Let’s delve into the lives of these siblings and their unique stories:

Profiles of Future’s Children: Jakobi and Prince Wilburn

Jakobi Wilburn

  • Jakobi, born to the renowned rapper Future, is his oldest son.
  • His birth date is June 30th, 2002, and he was born in Los Angeles, USA. His mother is Jessica Smith, an actress, and former partner of Future.
  • Following his father’s legacy, Jakobi has ventured into the music industry as a rapper.
  • His musical contributions include tracks like “Bad Reception,” “Pink Lemonade,” and “Bricc.”

Prince Wilburn

  • Prince Wilburn entered the world on December 5, 2012.
  • His parents are Future and Brittni Mealy, a social media influencer and entrepreneur. Brittni is known for her online presence and business ventures.

Kash Wilburn: Maintaining Privacy

  • Details about Kash Wilburn, including his birth date and mother’s identity, remain undisclosed.
  • The information pertaining to Kash has been consciously kept private, away from public scrutiny and media attention.
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Paris Wilburn

  • Paris is another of Future’s children, born to him and his ex-girlfriend Jenelle.
  • The specifics of Paris’s birth date have not been made public, keeping a part of his life private.

Reign Wilburn

  • Reign is the offspring of Future and his ex-partner, Eliza Reign.
  • The relationship between Future and Eliza Reign was the backdrop for Reign’s entrance into the world.

Londyn Wilburn

  • Londyn is Future’s oldest daughter, whose mother is India J, another of Future’s past relationships.
  • Londyn’s connection to both her famous father and her mother adds to the diverse familial landscape of Future’s children.
  • Londyn’s birth took place on March 19, 2009.
  • Beyond her birth date, additional details about her life have been kept private.

Shai Moss

  • Shai Moss, a half-sibling to Hendrix Wilburn, was born to Joie Chavis and the well-known rapper Bow Wow on April 27, 2011.
  • Already showing promise in the entertainment industry, Shai is involved in acting, modeling, and is gaining recognition as a social media influencer.
  • Additionally, she shares a special connection with her half-brother Hendrix, highlighting the familial bond between them.

Net Worth of Hendrix Wilburn

Hendrix Wilburn, still a child, does not have a personal net worth due to his young age and absence of a career. His father, Future, boasts a substantial net worth of about $40 million, accrued from his successful music career and various endorsement deals.

Joie Chavis, Hendrix’s mother, has an estimated net worth of around $1.2 million. Her financial success stems from her endeavors as a model, and a social media influencer, her involvement in brand endorsements, and her business ventures. Given the financial status of his parents, Hendrix is experiencing a childhood enriched with luxury and comfort.