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Margie Willettwiki

Born in 1927, Margie Willett is a well-known American figure best known for being the ex-wife of Dick Van Dyke, a well-known American comedian, writer, singer, and dancer who attained global recognition. She was just an ordinary American woman before she got married, but as the spouse of a well-known American, she suddenly found herself in the public eye.

She wed the well-known American actor in 1948, and the two of them lived in West Plains, Missouri, for a considerable amount of time. She gave birth to four children during this marriage: Barry Van Dyke, Carrie Beth Van Dyke, Christian Van Dyke, and Stacy Van Dyke. 

She does, however, spend nearly 81 years on this earth. In 2007, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which allowed her to live for about 6 to 8 months. However, in 2008, pancreatic cancer claimed her life. In addition, four years after her passing, her ex-husband remarried American model Arlene Silver.


Real NameMargie Willett.
Date of Birth1927-2008.
Birthday placeAmerica.
WeightPounds: 123 lbs.
Smoking & DrinkingNo.
HobbiesNot Revealed.
Net Worth (approx.)$500k US dollars (as of 2008).

Work, Schooling, and Family

Ordinary American woman who, before her marriage, led a modest life in America with her family and was not a celebrity or well-known figure. 

comes into the limelight and is listed as a celebrity in 1948, when she gained a lot of notoriety in America as the spouse of a well-known American figure. Some internet sources claim that she is a very resilient and hardworking woman who persevered through her lengthy career in this field.  In any case, she is not alive in this virtual world right now.

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The primary reason her family’s information is kept secret is that she only started talking to the media after getting married. She also stopped talking to the media about her family after becoming well-known. 

Margie Willettwiki

Perhaps she feels that this is a sacred situation for me, so she’s wondering how I can handle it. In any case, she should protect herself by keeping information about her family private because everything about them is your family, including your love. On the other hand, she has four great-grandchildren, Ava, Mia, Alex, and Gracie Van Dyke, and five grandchildren, Shane, Taryn, Wes, Carey, and Jessica Van Dyke.

Some internet sources claim that she is a woman who graduated from college and attended a private institution in America; however, there isn’t much information available about her schooling. Our team will be informed if any new information about her education becomes available, but that is not feasible as I have already mentioned that she has passed away.

Age, Height & Weight

She was approximately 81 years old in 2008, having been born in 1927 and leaving this world in 2008. Some internet sources claim that she was born in America and spent her early years there with her family. However, after getting married, she moved to West Plains, Missouri, and lived there for many years with her husband. She passed away in 2008 from pancreatic cancer, which took her life.

Before she passed away, she maintained a perfect height and good body weight control. She weighs about 55 kg (123 lbs) and stands about 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) tall. Before she died in 2005, some internet sources claimed that she was in perfect health; however, news reports at the end of 2006 state that she had progressed to this point. Nonetheless, her shoe size is approximately 6 or 7 (US), and her body measurements are approximately 36-31-34.

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Personal Life & Relationship

In 1948, an American woman went viral on the internet. As you may recall, at the time, there were few other resources and no social media platforms, but she was still very well-known. On that particular day, her spouse became one of the most well-known American celebrities worldwide, which is also the reason she gained attention.

Regardless, some sources place her first meeting in 1945, and in 1948, this relationship ended in marriage. This couple dated for nearly 36 years before filing for divorce in 1984. She had four children during this time.

Net Worth

After her marriage, she was listed as an American celebrity, but before that, she led a regular life, worked for American companies to make money, and spent time with her family.

She entered the television industry following her marriage, and she also made money from a variety of other sources in addition to a few paid commercials. Her estimated net worth in 2008 was approximately USD 500k.