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Roma Wells

Roma Wells, a nature moderator, probably uses a variety of media to bring her stories to life by fusing her skill as a voice artist with her deep awareness of and admiration for the natural world. Her work serves as evidence of the power of storytelling in fostering a sense of familiarity between people and their everyday surroundings and fostering a mutual understanding of the wonders of the world we live in. 

Roma Wells Wiki

Full NameRoma Wells
ProfessionAuthor, voice artist, and nature presenter
PassionDeep passion for wildlife
EducationStudied International Relations at Cambridge University
Social Media FollowersInstagram: 181K followers, Twitter: 13.4K followers
BackgroundSri Lankan and Irish descent
UpbringingBatticaloa, Sri Lanka
Net Worth$5 million

Roma Wells: Who Is She?

Roma Wells is an exceptionally gifted individual with Irish and Sri Lankan ancestry. Her unique legacy is probably a rich source of inspiration that shapes her intriguing perspective as a creator, voice actor, and moderator of nature. Her passion for the natural world and her skill with language could be what makes her unique. Her work, which takes groups of people on immersive excursions from steaming tidal ponds to freezing ice pastures, reflects this combination of interface and displays an unexpected range of environments.

Her ties to the outside world are deep and intricate, entwined with a family history that is buried among untamed animals. It appears that this early presentation and interaction with the creatures of the creature kingdom cleared out a persistent effect, inspiring her to start writing stories inspired by nature at the tender age of seven. This early foray into storytelling suggests a genuine and enduring fascination with the beauty and complexity of the characteristic world rather than what would seem to be a gifted ability.

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Childhood and Education 

Roma Wells’ early years in the tidal pond town of Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, provide a unique context for her deep connection to the natural world. She showed an acute and enthusiastic curiosity about the everyday world from an early age, which not only shaped her experiences but also provided her with inspiration. During this period of development in Batticaloa, Roma’s deep connection to nature inspired her to embark on a journey into the realm of storytelling.

Captivated by the questions raised by her surroundings, Roma began to put her observations and love of the natural world into words at the remarkably early age of seven.

What is the age of Roma wells?

She demonstrated her early confidence and talent when she deftly made her way into the esteemed newsrooms of Time Out London, The Daily Transmit, and The Sunday Times as a young girl. Remarkably, Roma had her magazine column secured by the time she was 16 years old, demonstrating her exceptional abilities as an essayist and pundit.

Later on in her academic journey, Roma decided to pursue a course at Cambridge University focused on international relations.

Her Effective Career

Roma Wells’ skillful travels have been marked by a variety of experiences and achievements. Following her graduation with a degree in Universal Relations, she dabbled in news reporting, outside projects, doable travel, and universal advancement. These elements probably helped her develop a sophisticated grasp of international dynamics and added to her career’s diversity.

Still, Wells’ journey as an essayist began much earlier, during her early years. Her tales are deeply inspired by two notable influences: her strong bond with the natural world and her eye-opening experiences during the Sri Lankan civil war. Wells’s growing triumph is a testament to her dedication to her craft and the distinct perspectives she offers to her storytelling. Her stories resonate with readers, as evidenced by her 4.43 rating on GoodReads, which further solidifies her standing as a finished writer.

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Roma Wells’s novel “Make a big appearance” 

Her adaptability and dedication to exploring various aspects of the written word culminated in the publication of her debut novel, “Seek the Singing Fish,” published by Epoque Press in June 2022.The book tells the tale of a young woman growing up in the tidal pond town of Batticaloa against the backdrop of Sri Lanka’s respectful war, a time marked by conflict and casualties… 

Despite her intense passion and deep love for the ordinary world that surrounds her, the girl becomes entangled in the harsh materials of conflict. The shifting tides of war force her to confront misfortune and betrayal, initiating an incredible journey spanning multiple continents.

What Is The Net Worth of Roma Well?

Roma Well’s estimated net worth, according to the sources, is approximately $5 million. Her sources of income are writing and her work in international development, remote issues, and news coverage. In addition, she generates income via her official website, Instagram, travel channel, and travel agency.  

Impact of Social Media 

Instagram: Roma Wells has 181K followers under the handle @roma.wells. Her Instagram feed is overflowing with enthralling images of lush vegetation and a variety of wildlife captured in natural settings.

Roma Wells has 13.4K followers on her Twitter account, @WellsRoma. In September of 2014, she signed up for Twitter. 

Official Website (@RomaWell.Com): Roma Wells’s official website is where you can get in touch with her. [email protected] is her official email address.

Few Fascinating Facts Regarding Roma Wells

  • She is committed to using nature to promote wellness and mental health. 
  • Her creative mindfulness album, Oceanava, was written and performed by her. It was intended for people who were experiencing anxiety, grief, insomnia, or a lack of motivation. 
  • In an effort to raise awareness of nature, she manages a travel and nature channel. 
  • Curious Fox is the name of the sustainable travel business she owns and operates.
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