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Sergio Basteri

The birthdate of Sergio Basteri is May 17, 1984. He was born under the sign of Capricorn and is currently 39 years old. Sergio Gallego Basteri is his complete name. He was raised by Italian actress Marcela Basteri and is the son of Spanish singer Luisito Rey. After his father, along with his brothers Luis Miguel and Alejandro, departed for Italy, Sergio was raised by his mother.

His mother vanished inexplicably on August 18, 1986, and her current whereabouts are a mystery. Additionally, this individual studied visual arts at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara. He then began his career as a photography instructor and a culinary instructor.


NameSergio Gallego Basteri
BornMay 17, 1984
SiblingsAlejandro Basteri, Luis Miguel
EducationUniversidad Autónoma de Guadalajara
ParentsMarcela Basteri, Luisito Rey
Birth CountryMexico
UnclesMario Vicente Gallego Sánchez, Mario Vicente Gallego

The Bio of Sergio Basteri

Sergio Basteri is currently 39 years old. In full, his name is Sergio Gallego Basteri. He is the son of Italian actress Marcela Basteri and Spanish singer Luisito Rey. After his father departed for Italy with his brothers Alejandro and Luis Miguel, Sergio was raised by his mother.

Sergio Basteri’s 2024 net worth

His salary and net worth are also unknown, just as little is known about his professional background and career.


Regarding Sergio’s career and professional life, nothing is known. He may have some business dealings, but they are not public knowledge. Speaking of his brother, Luis Miguel is a Mexican singer who is of Italian and Spanish ancestry. As a result, he is frequently called El Sol de México, or The Sun of Mexico, a moniker his mother gave him when he was little: “mi sol.”

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Additionally, this singer has performed in a variety of big band, jazz, mariachi, pop, ballads, tangos, boleros, and big band songs. In addition, he is acknowledged as the sole Latin singer of his generation who refrained from entering the Anglo market amidst the 1990s “Latin Explosion.”

In addition, Luis was recognized for bringing the bolero genre into the mainstream market and for remaining the best-selling Latin artist in the 1990s despite only producing music in Spanish. His record sales have exceeded 60 million globally, positioning him as one of the top-selling Latin musicians.

Luis is renowned for his highly profitable live performances as well. With a staggering total of $278.5 million, this singer is the first-highest-grossing Latin touring artist since Boxscore started tracking touring data in 1990. This singer is ranked number two on Billboard’s Greatest of All-Time Latin Artists chart as of October 2020.

In addition, he traveled to 22 nations in Europe, South America, and North America as part of the 2010 Luis Miguel Tour. There, he played 223 shows worldwide over three years, making it the longest and most lucrative tour ever undertaken by a Latin artist.

State of Relationship

Sergio is possibly single and has never been in a relationship before. As a result, it is unknown what his past and current romantic status is. He may have dated or married someone, but the world is unaware of this.

Sergio Basteri’s partner and dating life

Sergio has never been in a relationship and may be single. His past and present relationship statuses are therefore unknown. He might have dated or married someone unknown to the outside world, though.

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Measurements of the Body

The height of Sergio Basteri is 5 feet 6 inches. It is also 62 kg for him. This persona has black hair and brown eyes. His other measurements aren’t available online aside from this. He does, however, have a physically sound and fit physique.

Sergio Basteri: Online Communities

There is no social media activity from this personality. Sergio Basteri is not active on social media due to his private life.

A Few Little-Known Details regarding Sergio Basteri

  • In Mexico, Sergio was born in 1984. 
  • Sergio Gallego Basteri is his full name.
  • Luis Miguel, a well-known singer from Mexico, is Sergio’s younger brother.
  • He is the son of Italian actress Marcela Basteri and Spanish singer Luisito Rey.
  • Sergio is of white ethnicity and is a citizen of the United States.


Sergio Basteri is still becoming more and more well-known in the entertainment world thanks to his diverse skill set and innate charisma. Aspiring artists can draw inspiration from Basteri’s journey, which began with his humble beginnings and has led him to his current success. He has distinguished himself from his family’s history by carving out a distinct identity through his acting, singing, and modeling. Sergio Basteri is expected to have an even bigger influence on the entertainment industry in the years to come as his star continues to rise.