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Jeinz Macias

In this article, we’ll provide a brief overview of Jeinz Macias, shedding light on the reasons behind his current surge in popularity. Renowned for his unique musical style, particularly within the realms of pop music, this piece is tailored for frequent pop music enthusiasts. Offering a wealth of facts and figures, we delve into Jeinz Macias’s net worth, early life, musical journey, achievements, and more, making this article a valuable resource for his fans.

Hailing from Argentina and now residing in the United States, Jeinz Macias is a versatile artist who has carved a niche for himself in the entertainment industry. Beyond his roles as a singer, songwriter, producer, and performer, he extends his talents to athleticism, internet personality, and philanthropy. His music is a fusion of pop, rock, reggae, hip-hop, and Latin influences, reflecting his diverse inspirations. Beyond the stage, Jeinz is known not only for his captivating stage presence and energy but also for his engaging online and offline personality. With a global fan base, he has managed to capture the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide. Stay tuned for an insightful journey into Jeinz Macias’s life and accomplishments in this article!

Background and Early Life

Jeinz Macias, born in 1995 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, hails from a musical family that significantly influenced his upbringing. Growing up, his father, a guitarist, and his mother, a singer, exposed him to a diverse array of musical genres, ranging from tango to rock. This familial musical backdrop served as the foundation for Jeinz’s early inspiration.

During his teenage years, Jeinz began showcasing his burgeoning talents. He embarked on a musical journey, learning to play the guitar, piano, and drums while honing his songwriting skills. Simultaneously, his deep-rooted passion for football (soccer) mirrored Argentina’s vibrant sporting culture.

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However, at the age of 18, guided by his musical aspirations, Jeinz made a pivotal decision to relocate to the United States. While the transition presented initial challenges, including adapting to a new culture and language, he persevered. Gradually finding his footing, Jeinz began carving out his niche in the U.S. entertainment industry, marking the beginning of his career in a new and dynamic environment.

Full NameJeinz Axel Macias
BirthdayAugust 13, 1995
BirthplaceBuenos Aires, Argentina
OccupationSinger, Songwriter, Producer, Performer, Internet Personality
GenresPop, Rock, Reggae, Hip Hop, Latin
InstrumentsVocals, Guitar, Piano, Drums

Highlights of Jeinz Macias’s Music Career

A pivotal moment in Jeinz Macias’s music career unfolded through a noteworthy collaboration with the esteemed singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra, an icon in Latin music. Their joint venture, a duet version of the song “Te Quiero,” released in 2021, marked a significant milestone. Beyond being a musical achievement, this collaboration served as a tribute to Dominican culture and symbolized the harmonious connection between two generations of musicians. The accompanying music video beautifully encapsulates the song’s essence, featuring Jeinz Macias and Juan Luis Guerra singing and playing the guitar in unison.

Adding to his repertoire, Jeinz made a notable contribution to the soundtrack of the animated film “Vivo,” released in 2021. The film follows the musical journey of a kinkajou named Vivo, traveling from Cuba to Miami, delivering a song to his owner’s long-lost love. In “Vivo,” Jeinz Macias not only voiced the character of Andres, a young musician aiding Vivo on his adventure but also lent his vocals to two vibrant songs, “Keep the Beat” and “One More Song,” both written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. These lively and catchy tunes serve as a testament to Jeinz Macias’s vocal talent and charismatic presence in the music industry.

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In a significant career milestone, Jeinz accomplished the remarkable feat of securing his first record deal with Sony Music Latin at the tender age of 15 in 2020. Following this pivotal moment, his debut single, “Te Quiero,” was launched under the Sony Music Latin label, swiftly garnering attention on radio and various streaming platforms. The song, distinguished by its romantic and infectious pop sound infused with elements of bachata, a beloved music and dance genre originating from the Dominican Republic, rapidly ascended in popularity.

Complementing the enchanting melody, the accompanying music video further elevated the song’s appeal. Featuring Jeinz Macias and his friends enjoying a delightful time at the beach, the vibrant and enjoyable visuals added an extra layer of charm to the overall presentation of “Te Quiero.”

Jeinz Macias’ musical achievements

2019Latin GrammyBest New ArtistWon
2020MTV Video Music AwardBest Latin Video (“No Te Vayas”)Nominated
2021Premio JuventudBest New Pop ArtistNominated
2021People’s Choice AwardThe Latin Artist of 2021Won
2022The Lo Nuestro AwardArtist of the YearNominated

Sports Enthusiast: Jeinz Macias

Beyond his musical prowess, Jeinz is a fervent sports lover, harboring a deep passion for activities such as football, basketball, and tennis. Residing in Los Angeles, he actively participates in pickup games, maintaining a vibrant connection with the sports he loves. Jeinz’s dedication to football extends to supporting prestigious clubs like Boca Juniors, representing his hometown in Argentina. Despite his busy schedule, he frequently attends major matches worldwide, showcasing his unwavering love for the sport. In an ambitious endeavor, Jeinz aspires to compose and record an official anthem for his favorite World Cup team in the future.

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While music and the internet catapulted him to fame, Jeinz’s heart retains a special place for sports. This passion and competitive spirit manifest prominently in his high-energy live performances, reminiscent more of stadium shows than traditional concerts.


This article has delved into the multifaceted world of Jeinz, born into a musical family with a deep-rooted passion for both music and sports. From opening his own YouTube channel to showcasing his diverse musical skills, Jeinz has emerged as a notable figure in the entertainment industry. The article highlights his roles as a singer, songwriter, producer, performer, athlete, internet personality, and philanthropist.

Noteworthy aspects of Jeinz’s musical style include a distinctive fusion of pop, rock, reggae, hip hop, and Latin elements. Born in 1995 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jeinz inherited his musical inclination from his guitarist father and singer mother, who exposed him to a wide spectrum of musical genres ranging from tango to rock.

As we conclude, it’s evident that Jeinz Macias is not only an artist with a rich musical background but also someone who passionately embraces sports. His journey, from a musical family upbringing to global recognition, reflects a unique blend of talents and interests. If you found this information intriguing, feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts on Jeinz Macias.